who i am


Elsbeth, a Tyrolese rock with a Mediterranean heart. Sure-footed and skillful in stone, strong-hearted, warming and full with high-spirtits; all reflected in her paintings and sculptures.

Born in the Tyrolese Pitztal, surrounded with picturesque rocks and mountains, in her childhood and youth she was developing a love for graphic arts and stone. This led her to an extraordinary profession - especially for a woman - of a stonemason and carried her on to sculpture and painting.

Openness and curiosity about creative communication induced her to participate in international sculpture-symposiums in Switzerland, Italy or Croatia every summer. This acquainted her with different styles of work, points of view and artistic language; which are very important for her. She is especially glad about the frontier crossing friendships that come from this. 


Her clear determination and acceptance of life drive her creation with and easiness, both with a masculine approach (knuckle down masculine ) -  paired with soft womanhood. You can feel this when you look at her works made of marble, granite, concrete, wood, glass and bronze.

In winter, when everything is covered with snow, she opens herself for her inner beings and emotions, which she lets flow to the canvas with acryl. The colors choose themselves intuitively at the moment of painting.

Her unstoppable and original impulse trust feeds her way of working; and doesn´t let anything “pull the brakes” on the drive of her  inner potter´s wheel.